Competition Resume

2016 Fitness Nationals DNF 6-8th place (health issues)
2016 2nd place BCs Fitness (health issues)
2014/15 Off (2 knee surgeries and health issues)
2013 13th place Nationals Fitness (Knee blown, health issues and family death)
2012 3rd place Fitness Nationals IFBB Qualifier
(knee blown and health issues)
2012 2nd place BCs Fitness (Knee blown pre comp)
2011 6th place Fitness Nationals
2010 Off (Family issues)
August 8th, 2009 6th Place Canadian National Championships
July 15th, 2009 2nd Place BC Fitness Championships
August 23rd, 2008 11th Place Canadian National Fitness Championships
July 19th, 2008 3rd Place BC Fitness Championships
Nov 10th, 2007 1st Place and Overall Fitness SWFC
Nov 10th, 2007 6th Place Figure Medium SWFC
Nov 18th, 2006 7th Placed Figure SWFC
Nov 18th, 2006 13th Place Fitness SWFC
April 1st 2006 2nd Place Lightweight Bodybuilding FAME WEST
April 1st 2006 1st Place Pairs Bodybuilding FAME WEST
2005 off
July 30th, 2004 1st Place Vegas World Pro Women’s Tri Fitness Event - Fitness Short 30-34
July 30th, 2004 12th Place Vegas World Pro Women’s Tri Fitness Event - Fitness overall
July 30th, 2004, 17th Place Vegas World Pro Women’s Tri Fitness Event - Tri-fitness overall
May 30th, 2004 3rd Place Obstacle Course Challenge FAME World Event
May 29th, 2004 17th Place Fitness Canada Pageant
May 29th, 2004 7th Place FAME Figure
May 29th 2004 FAME Fitness Model
April 23rd, 2004 11th Place Emerald Cup Fitness Short
April 23rd, 2004 12th Place Emerald Cup Figure Medium
2003 off (Family Death and Health issues)
Sept 21st 2002 3rd Place World Pro Ms. Exercise WNBF
Sept 21st 2002 4th Place Amateur Figure WNBF
Sept 7th 2002 4th Place FVF Strength Competition
July 20th 2002 17th Place TSN Fitness Canada Pageant
July 19th 2002 ESPN series One 4th Place Fitness
Nov 4th, 2001 4th Place Natures Best Natural Pro Ms. Exercise
April 21st 2001, 4th Place Short class Bodybuilding ANBC Western Canadians
April 21st 2001, 2nd Place Fitness ANBC Western Canadians
April 7th, 2001 4th Place Lightweight Novice Bodybuilding CNBF Western Canadians
May 2000 21st Place Fitness Universe
November 13, 1999 1st Place Ms. Fitness CNBF Western Naturals (pro card)
August 21, 1999 Top 5 ESPN National Finals Fitness Canada
July 10, 1999 4th Place Ms. Fitness Gold’s Naturals Provincial
June 19, 1999 1st Place Canadian Ms. Fitness Model Nationals
June 19, 1999 1st Place Canadian Ms. Fitness Nationals
June 19, 1999 1st Place in Canadian Ms. Figure Nationals
May 8, 1999 5th Place Ms. Fitness Muscle Mania
Apr 16, 1999 Top 10 Washington’s Ms. Fitness Emerald Cup
Apr 2, 1999 Top 10 Washington’s Ms. Fitness Vancouver
Mar 6, 1999 2nd Place California’s Ms. Fitness Inland Empire
Mar 6, 1999 2nd Place California’s Ms. Figure Inland Empire
May 2, 1998 Top 10 BC Provincial Ms. Fitness Championships
April 25, 1998 3rd Place Prince George Pro Lab Classic Ms. Fitness Championships
April 18, 1998 2nd Place Victoria Gator’s Classic Ms. Fitness Championships
1997 off (Knee blown, surgeries)
April 27, 1996 3rd Place BC Provincial Ms. Fitness Championship 

Lift with Linda

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