Lift with Linda

$299 (CAD) Click for 3 Month

Online Workout / Nutrition 

Workout Plan

Training that consists of: 

printable cardio and exercise program fully laid out for you with demo pictures and videos.

You can track your mins or cardio completed, sets, reps on your mobile while you train.  

We have a great progress tracking tool to monitor your results.

For those who travel, train at home, are limited to specific equipment can be catered to as well.

$124.95 (CAD) Click for 1 Month

Online Workout / Nutrition 

Nutrition Plan

WE can cater to food allergies.

Meal plans can be as simple or varied as you prefer with options from 5 min to no limit on food prep and cooking time.  Choose food items from 3 or more.  

We can build your meal plans around your lifestyle from 5 mins to an hour. We can limit your food items to as litle or as many as you prefer.

Cookbook, recipes, grocery list are all included, point click and you can print as well. Grocery lists can be printed by days you chooose or for the whole week.  

Cater to travel, eating out, special dietary requests from vegan to allergies or simply foods you prefer while omiting what you do not like.

 Also Includes

Fully personalized custom programs based on your preferences and needs.  Linda will work around any health or nutrition particulars to cater to a program that is built to fit your schedule and lifestyle.  

***Suitable for all populations and fitness levels, special needs, health and dietary.​​

  • Flexibility / Multiple Stretch Programs 
  • Basic Body Composition
  • Email support (Linda is fully hands on while working with you)
  • PC and Mobile access 
  • Full Data Aquisition (Health, Lifestyle, Goals, Preferences for full customization, point and click forms)
  • Easy program adjustments anytime
  • Progress Tracking (body, food, strength, cardio)
  • Private Client Journal for you to take notes and address items along the way as you go (between client and trainer only)

***View screen shots in the Workout and Nutrition tabs in the menu above.