"I can’t wait to get you started on your journey to improved fitness and better health! Whatever your goals may be, I know safe, healthy and effective methods to get you there. I can design programs around any needs for example the client who wishes to train from home, the client who has a specific unique goal, the client who seeks fat loss and tone, or the client who needs accountability. There are many different needs and the key is to design programs around those needs so you stick with it. My philosophy is to apply relativity to fitness so it should fit into any lifestyle, any mind set, there is a program suitable for anyone including those who hate to exercise!"

Take advantage of all the free information offered, visit Linda’s blog to leave a comment or ask a question. Whether you are seeking online personal training or less extensive services take a look at what this site has to offer, you too can ‘Lift with Linda’! Make exercise a fun part of your life which does not need to take up hours of your day. Using Linda’s personalized and specific programs will help you attain results efficiently with services to fit.

Linda is not only a trainer and competitor but depends on fitness and proper meal choices for her own various health issues. For those seeking aid toward health improvements while living with certain conditions you can rest assured that Linda will work with you to better your lifestyle. Juicing, vegetarian, gluten free meal plans and workouts specific to conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or post injury conditioning are just a few of the many areas Linda has specialty in not just professionally but also personally.

"I welcome beginners, athletes, experienced exercisers, all sizes and fitness levels to come and take your first step to a new level in your life, let’s move forward!"

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